Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb 17

here we are
a little over 2 1/2 years
still in the crib
still in diapers
still using a cha-cha (paci)
still taking a bottle
still such a stinkin sweet BABY!!!
it'll be over {the baby part}
far too soon
so i am ok with every single thing
just as it is
i already miss all of these things
because i know they'll be a thing of the past
in the blink of an eye
today was a fabulous day!!!
bright and early
all three of us went to mass for
Ash Wednesday
the mass was held in the chapel
it was awesome
giles was hilarious
someone's phone rang
"mama? what's that? what's that noise? mama? did you hear that?"
we all got ashes on our foreheads
"mama? you got some? i got some. see?
mama? i don't want dirt. mama? you got dirt?"
someone's phone rang...again
{see above}
giles had a great day at school
he took his regular 4 hour nap
{man, i really miss those already!!!}
he woke up happy
{mama?, daddy?, georgie? come git me, kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???}
ate a great dinner
was up for a quick bath
enjoyed bot-bot watching mom's pick of t.v.
doesn't get much better!!!

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