Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb 16

happy fat tuesday!!!
and belated happy valentine's day!!!
i FORGOT the camera for giles' school party
mikey took some pics with his camera phone
i don't have them to load up at the moment
{go ahead, you want me to pass you a kleenex don't you???}

giles is either cracking us up
or making us feel like we're about to crack
when he's making us laugh
it's because
when he wakes up,
he has a series of requests
he calls for mama, daddy, georgie
he then follows with, in a very sing-songy voice
'come git me, kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????'
he called television "tb"
he does other funny things but they escape me right now
possibly because
bedtime tonight made us feel like we might crack
it can be sooooo dramatic
and at night, drama is low on my totem pole
not in the mood
but, we made it thru
he passed out just about the time his head hit the pillow
so knowing he was exhausted and giving it one last ditch effort
somehow makes it easier to forgive
and potty "training" is going well
i offer the whole " " thing
because i am not sure exactly what we're doing
"training" seems a little intense for what is really going on
it's more like he enjoys pretty regular trips
to the potty to tee-tee
because he knows how happy it makes us!
but there isn't a strong push
{pardon the pun...geez that was awful wasn't it???}
to make sure he's learning it in a weekend or anything
it's just fun
fun to know that this might not be the big struggle
i thought it would be
yay for us.

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