Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14

my favorite valentines...
hope everyone had a fun day
we churched it
hiked it
car'd it
{as in, we watched the movie "cars"}
and just enjoyed it!
giles had a few happies from cupid
{i really wanted to rhyme that line with,
'don't worry, it wasn't anything stupid'
 but we don't say stupid...
so i refrained}
back to cupid
a new cutlery set
spoon, fork, knife
the knife was the biggest hit
and it's the one piece he's really not allowed to have at the table
he really likes to 'play' cutlery at the table
as in beat plate, table, placemat, repeat
and repeat
and repeat
and he also got a rash guard shirt for swimming/sun protection
swim trunks
and a jonjon with pirates smocked on it
i really just got them for him anyway
but it made valentine's a little more fun
he really loved the new cutlery set
but what he
was the white chocolate covered popcorn i made
and i can see why
it was good!!!
i just did what they did

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