Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb 12 & 13

who dudn't wanna wear their boots with their pjs?
auntie jenny...
we still love our boots
{due to the fact that my once happy go lucky toddler
has become absolutely slightly moody...this picture was only
gotten after one attempt and one time-out
and one helpful daddy...thanks mikey}
so today {feb 13} we headed out to university of alabama
for a-club festivites
mike's bro was cooking for the cooking competition
mike was really only imitating giles
who, again, was sir-pout-a-lot
it's like he's just discovered emotions
or more like that he has control over them
and he likes exerting his control of them
and he might even derive slight pleasure from knowing...
he's driving me crazy!!!
for so long now he's been all smiles
especially for photo ops
he's been all hugs, pat-pats and kisses
for friends and strangers alike
now...he's a clinger
of my leg
and it breaks
my heart
he comes around...
but oh how i must practice patience....
it's certainly not worth a meltdown
which would surely ensue should i insist...
we'll make it,
i just know it.

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