Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 11

bless his heart.
he let himself out in the backyard
while i was washing dishes
i heard the door open & knew he went out
and that is fine, it was ok by me for him to go out
out into the yard
out into the yard to feed the two big dogs
that was not okay
so when saint (big, goofy puppy-like 12+yr old lab)
bumps into giles
and gives giles a bit of a bloody lip
he learned a hard lesson
he needs to listen to mom & dad
man, life would really be so much easier
if all it took was
one time finding out that mom & dad are usually
man, life really would be so much easier
o well
it's not
and if he learned lessons too quickly
i wouldn't get to save the day
 and dry those precious tears
and have him think that i made the world all better

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