Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 10

i just got tired.
tired of seeing the same backgrounds in our daily pictures.
so, to school we went
camera in hand
to which sandetria {his teacher from last year} asked,
'catherine, why is there a camera in your hand?'
{i am thinking she might not have been up for an a.m. photo shoot}
to which i replied
much like i shared above...
too many of the same backgrounds.
needed to mix it up.
and she was a good sport about it
giles, well, he did it...
but as you can see, he wasn't thrilled.
i am starting to experience
giles and his autonomy
and it is challenging me minute by minute
today he said hi to ms chris
but not to ms angie
he loves ms angie
i always encourage him to hug and say hello
to friends, teachers, family
i like a friendly child
and he is a friendly one
he's just being a little more selective in sharing the love
and i don't love that...
so, i will give in a little
take the embarrassment of the rejection
he'll toss out on occasion,
we'll still talk lots and lots about
and sharing our happiness with those around us
i want giles to know that people sometimes need
a little pick-me-up
and sometimes a
"good mornng, {insert name}"
a hug with pat-pats
a fist bump {to the right person, like fr deasy!}
may be just the very thing that makes their day brighter
i hope he's ok with learning that
...he didn't just get his stubborness by chance!
it is important to me, and i think he'll figure that out =)))

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