Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb 24, not 25, 26 and not 27

this is going to be disappointing
i somehow got the rest of my life going on a good schedule
but this little bloggie got left behind!
and i didn't even edit the pics,
i just realized!
my preoccupation with life affected
this blog a few days ago
and my preoccupation with a bruised ligament
in my foot {yeah, i agree, 'ow'}
is affecting it now
so on the 24th
giles played with his carnival play people set
which was so fun to see
he's just starting to really get into
like, the other day, when he pretended he needed to poop
instead of nap!
but seeing this kind of pretending
with play people
is much cuter!
now the next pic is one of those
toddle moments of quiet
as in, i thought mike had him
mike thought i had him
and he decided to experiment with a pricey
facial serum
reeeeeaaaal funny that was...
{not, o so not...}
and other funny moments...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 23

sleepin' cutie
he was so not awake when i woke him up
{at 6:15pm}
from his nap
and it showed because he went right to sleep
for the night
at about 7:30...
after din-din & a bath
today giles spent the day with his mimi
they colored, played
and watched
bless them.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22

giles got mail!
it was a subscription teaser to a highlights magazine
it had stickers in it & he really enjoyed putting them in place
he wanted more!
since this blog is as much for me to remember the little things
as it is to catch everyone up on them on a daily basis
.... i hope i never forget that
giles loves to watch t.b.{television}
he often hurts his hinger {finger}
{and on sunday, i cut my humb---- and it hurt!!!}
that on this day, tues feb 22, giles shangi'd us at naptime
he didn't want to take a nap
so he called out that he needed to go pooh-pooh
he knew he'd get out of a nap, at least for the moment
he's really working thru some cause & effect!
let me say, he was back down for a nap within 20-30 minutes
he might have bought a few minutes
but he did not purchase the afternoon!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 20 & 21

so...on pics of giles
we {me & hubs} went on a kitchen tour
you will notice...
neither picture i am sharing with you are kitchens
but they're pics from the tour
the first kitchen REALLY wowed us
but i didn't think to take a pic until later in the tour
so we enjoyed this house's kitchen but the deck
o, the deck
we lurved it!
it had wrought iron spindles
different levels
really cool rafters
{are they called a pergola??? gee, i really like putting myself out there}
neat furniture and a few select accessories
and this kitchen...i mean endless pool
off the master bath, which was off the master bedroom
no where near the kitchen...
we found it to be the most awesomest!!!
even tho the bedroom did smell like the pool at the y
would i like that to be the full-time smell of my bedroom?
not sure
i bet if the doors are closed
---which clearly they weren't because of nosey people like me---
i bet it's not so bad
so i made up for my lack of g pics from yesterday
here he is drivin' the 'burban
and here he is with 'ahhh-kooo-gah'
which i took to mean
which took ME completely by surprise
{to you more knowledgable than i, i realize this is NOT a bakugan}
this happy meal "prize" has been in our car for months
it has never sparked interest before
and never have i been as surprised by g's words
as i was with him announcing that
i guess one day, like when he's 20 or so...
i will come to grips with the fact that the outside world
will affect my kid...
and then i will need medication

Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb 19

this is what dora does to my child

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 18... really???

o how i cannot believe that feb is already
can that be?
maybe i don't want it to be because i am
in a 1/2 marathon in about 16 days
and something about setting goals
like, i don't know, training???
make me run
{unfortunatey, not literally- b/c then that might BE training}
the other way
so i talked to my partner in crime
{or stupidity--- but there's that stupid word we don't use again---
and it might be rude to call my friend stupid...}
today and we're going to be ok...
we decided that if we just sit on the sidelines
and cheer on our 3rd partner in crime
we'd be ok with it--- we're just going to have fun,
but then we spent the rest of the time
discussing our competitive streaks
and how if we can just make it to the
1/2 way point
we're good to go
in fact, we've convinced ourselves that the first
6.55 miles will be drudgery
and the last half--- a breeze!
but, whatever it takes, right?
surely my new insoles, new socks,
new chafing stuff, & new shirt
will carry me across the finish line
and if they don't---- there's supposed to be
medical care
{this info on the website was right next to the picture of an ambulance}
fully accessible to all participants
let's just hope if that is needed,
they fully understand
that upon completion of said race
and so i really don't care where i end up
as long as i get my complimentary
{yeah, right---can we say 'entry fee'???}}}
{did i really say all that outloud?...
i really registered for the super cute tshirt, not the dumb bag...}
wish me luck
i will take novenas in my honor too...
so this is entertainment
at least if you were a nice chili's customer
you let my son believe you were entertained
he beat on the top of the divider wall
some sort of tune
and added the occasional "HEY" to those eating nearby
i am sure they were amused
who wouldn't be?
he sure was...
we went to lunch with our neighbors lesley and graham
here giles and graham were playing with sticks
and finding all sorts of interesting things among the leaves

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb 17

here we are
a little over 2 1/2 years
still in the crib
still in diapers
still using a cha-cha (paci)
still taking a bottle
still such a stinkin sweet BABY!!!
it'll be over {the baby part}
far too soon
so i am ok with every single thing
just as it is
i already miss all of these things
because i know they'll be a thing of the past
in the blink of an eye
today was a fabulous day!!!
bright and early
all three of us went to mass for
Ash Wednesday
the mass was held in the chapel
it was awesome
giles was hilarious
someone's phone rang
"mama? what's that? what's that noise? mama? did you hear that?"
we all got ashes on our foreheads
"mama? you got some? i got some. see?
mama? i don't want dirt. mama? you got dirt?"
someone's phone rang...again
{see above}
giles had a great day at school
he took his regular 4 hour nap
{man, i really miss those already!!!}
he woke up happy
{mama?, daddy?, georgie? come git me, kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???}
ate a great dinner
was up for a quick bath
enjoyed bot-bot watching mom's pick of t.v.
doesn't get much better!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb 16

happy fat tuesday!!!
and belated happy valentine's day!!!
i FORGOT the camera for giles' school party
mikey took some pics with his camera phone
i don't have them to load up at the moment
{go ahead, you want me to pass you a kleenex don't you???}

giles is either cracking us up
or making us feel like we're about to crack
when he's making us laugh
it's because
when he wakes up,
he has a series of requests
he calls for mama, daddy, georgie
he then follows with, in a very sing-songy voice
'come git me, kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????'
he called television "tb"
he does other funny things but they escape me right now
possibly because
bedtime tonight made us feel like we might crack
it can be sooooo dramatic
and at night, drama is low on my totem pole
not in the mood
but, we made it thru
he passed out just about the time his head hit the pillow
so knowing he was exhausted and giving it one last ditch effort
somehow makes it easier to forgive
and potty "training" is going well
i offer the whole " " thing
because i am not sure exactly what we're doing
"training" seems a little intense for what is really going on
it's more like he enjoys pretty regular trips
to the potty to tee-tee
because he knows how happy it makes us!
but there isn't a strong push
{pardon the pun...geez that was awful wasn't it???}
to make sure he's learning it in a weekend or anything
it's just fun
fun to know that this might not be the big struggle
i thought it would be
yay for us.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14

my favorite valentines...
hope everyone had a fun day
we churched it
hiked it
car'd it
{as in, we watched the movie "cars"}
and just enjoyed it!
giles had a few happies from cupid
{i really wanted to rhyme that line with,
'don't worry, it wasn't anything stupid'
 but we don't say stupid...
so i refrained}
back to cupid
a new cutlery set
spoon, fork, knife
the knife was the biggest hit
and it's the one piece he's really not allowed to have at the table
he really likes to 'play' cutlery at the table
as in beat plate, table, placemat, repeat
and repeat
and repeat
and he also got a rash guard shirt for swimming/sun protection
swim trunks
and a jonjon with pirates smocked on it
i really just got them for him anyway
but it made valentine's a little more fun
he really loved the new cutlery set
but what he
was the white chocolate covered popcorn i made
and i can see why
it was good!!!
i just did what they did

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb 12 & 13

who dudn't wanna wear their boots with their pjs?
auntie jenny...
we still love our boots
{due to the fact that my once happy go lucky toddler
has become absolutely slightly moody...this picture was only
gotten after one attempt and one time-out
and one helpful daddy...thanks mikey}
so today {feb 13} we headed out to university of alabama
for a-club festivites
mike's bro was cooking for the cooking competition
mike was really only imitating giles
who, again, was sir-pout-a-lot
it's like he's just discovered emotions
or more like that he has control over them
and he likes exerting his control of them
and he might even derive slight pleasure from knowing...
he's driving me crazy!!!
for so long now he's been all smiles
especially for photo ops
he's been all hugs, pat-pats and kisses
for friends and strangers alike
now...he's a clinger
of my leg
and it breaks
my heart
he comes around...
but oh how i must practice patience....
it's certainly not worth a meltdown
which would surely ensue should i insist...
we'll make it,
i just know it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 11

bless his heart.
he let himself out in the backyard
while i was washing dishes
i heard the door open & knew he went out
and that is fine, it was ok by me for him to go out
out into the yard
out into the yard to feed the two big dogs
that was not okay
so when saint (big, goofy puppy-like 12+yr old lab)
bumps into giles
and gives giles a bit of a bloody lip
he learned a hard lesson
he needs to listen to mom & dad
man, life would really be so much easier
if all it took was
one time finding out that mom & dad are usually
man, life really would be so much easier
o well
it's not
and if he learned lessons too quickly
i wouldn't get to save the day
 and dry those precious tears
and have him think that i made the world all better

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 10

i just got tired.
tired of seeing the same backgrounds in our daily pictures.
so, to school we went
camera in hand
to which sandetria {his teacher from last year} asked,
'catherine, why is there a camera in your hand?'
{i am thinking she might not have been up for an a.m. photo shoot}
to which i replied
much like i shared above...
too many of the same backgrounds.
needed to mix it up.
and she was a good sport about it
giles, well, he did it...
but as you can see, he wasn't thrilled.
i am starting to experience
giles and his autonomy
and it is challenging me minute by minute
today he said hi to ms chris
but not to ms angie
he loves ms angie
i always encourage him to hug and say hello
to friends, teachers, family
i like a friendly child
and he is a friendly one
he's just being a little more selective in sharing the love
and i don't love that...
so, i will give in a little
take the embarrassment of the rejection
he'll toss out on occasion,
we'll still talk lots and lots about
and sharing our happiness with those around us
i want giles to know that people sometimes need
a little pick-me-up
and sometimes a
"good mornng, {insert name}"
a hug with pat-pats
a fist bump {to the right person, like fr deasy!}
may be just the very thing that makes their day brighter
i hope he's ok with learning that
...he didn't just get his stubborness by chance!
it is important to me, and i think he'll figure that out =)))

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 9

anybody want a toddler?
we're curious about our refund policy with this one these days
{ok, i am totally kidding about the refund part}
but honestly.
no one really told me about the s
udden changes that occur with toddlers
and. their. moods.
oh my gosh.
not even fun at times.
and add to that some sort of
and you get longer spans of time with
an unreasonable toddler
hopefully we'll have 
back in a flash
oh...and brainiac that i am...
yesterday's update can be found

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb 6&7

i forgot a pic on friday, the 5th...
it was a busy day---
but i intended to take one and just forgot.

on saturday we had a lazy morning
mike was in atlanta
giles COULD have slept in
and therefore i COULD  have slept in
{mind you, this would mean 7a.m.}
but no, we were up & at'em by about 5:30a.m.
grandpa came over to visit
i took advantage and did a run to the PO & the grocery
and then did a little fill-in at BW...
i think grandpa was worn out
giles was sitting behind him on the couch pulling him back
then pushing him forward
only to pull him back again...
all the while he would be saying
'papa, get off me!!!'
over. and over. and over.
poor papa.
it was so good to have mikey back home,
safe & sound...
today we went to mass at 7:30a.m.
then we took the dogs and went for a hike
and a hike always involves a 'nack cup
pictured above
cheerios used to be a welcomed part of the 'nack cup
now-they just get picked around
it's a little sad...they were a staple
and a well -received one at that!
for so long...
o well.
giles' special treat was a visit from mimipapa
who, as you can tell from this picture,
are, in fact, two individual people
not just one- as the name would lead you to believe =)
he's a very happy camper in the arms of mimi
much to the end that unfortunately
papa gets left out a good bit when she's around
poor papa.
and when mimi's lap got old...
we retreated
moses style...
happy superbowl 44
n o saint
indianapolis colts
game still in progress...
geaux saints!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb 4

this was at 7:15 this a.m.
rain coat
rain boots
deck inspection
you know, your normal activity for first thing in the a.m.

oh my gosh...
i just LOVE this little guy...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 3

i love that little bootie
giles is working on potty training...
right now, it is just random with no pressure from us
we'll ask if he'd like to try to go potty
he usually always does
and we usually can't tell if he really went
but we praise the effort
and life goes on

tomorrow is my favorite day of the week
on thursdays it is just me & gilesy
no wake up time
no commitments
just mama & bubba
i think we'll always have thursdays
even next year when he's in school 5 days a week
(which is NOT what i would pick for's the only choice)
we'll keep thursdays just for us

we instated the one bite rule tonight
in order to leave the dinner table
you must consume at least one bite
of all food choices on your plate
squash was the offender tonight
but, albeit with a shiver finish, the squash was consumed
i laughed at the shiver "finish"
you know, tell me you know
when you have to eat something that is really yuck?
for me, as a kid, i remember it being canned green beans
even loaded with ketchup
they were very offensive
times have changed
i like my green beans now
no ketchup required =)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb 2

that is sort of similar to the expression
i made when i realized that i forgot to get a photo yesterday
giles is a bit under the weather...
not sure what direction it is going,
but he is a kid with one resiliant immune system...
so i can only guess he's on the mend?
in the process...
oh my.
i have looked at mike & said 'you gotta take this one'
he's either being b.a.d. and totally cracking me up
he's being b.a.d. and i am about to blow my top
mike has intervened several times yesterday & today
he's sweet about it
he comes in and says, 'are we all friends in here?'
when clearly no friend would be nearl as impatient with another friend
as i have been with giles at moments
it is really like he's on the crack rock at times!
he's very extreme with his emotions---
which i know is alllll toddler,
but he's definitely acting a little under the weather
yesterday i asked him if he would please go put his coat away,
to which he kindly replied,
'no mama, it's your turn'-
as he's handing the coat back to me...
ahhh, the teachable moments -lol...
today we went to MOM's group at church
and then giles went for a visit to mimipapa's
i am so very grateful to have in-laws in town
who LOVE their grandson like they do
-we're definitely very fortunate!
and i took full advantage of the break
and headed to publix & walmart---
my wallet is lighter
but the dreaded wally adventure is behind me for several days now
nite, nite