Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 8 & 9

this is what a sick day looks like around here
(that is one sick kid, on one fast plasma car, eating one cold pedilyte pop)
yesterday i took giles to school while mike went to birmingham
the day starts with mike calling as he's heading to bham
'do you see my coffee sitting there?'
i look
man, that is about 20 degress outside
and i made sure he had a diet mtn dew- which he did not forget...
then he asks
'where's the gps?'
i reply
'in my purse- right here'
so where does the day go from there?
i forgot to work on my project during the game last nite
(the game where we became NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2010!!!! YAY!)
which was labels for BBTN catalogs for my shows which start sunday
so naturally i forgot to take them to school with giles
so i get to come home and quickly teach myself how to make labels
and label each catalog
back to school i go to drop them off
i come home starving and decide a bowl of chili would be fabulous
the phone rings and the school is calling
i head BACK to school for the third and final time of the day
to pick up my sick kid who's got stinky diarrhea
BUT.... good news - in less than 24 hrs, no trace of any bugs!
which brings us to this morning....saturday, jan 9
mmmmm..... yummy breakfast of eggs, banana and toast
bein' a little silly about it....

have a wonderful day
stay warm
snuggle with a buggle if ya can

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