Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7

cheating a little here with this first picture...
it was actually from yesterday.
in this new venture to blog daily about my little
i am finding myself very aware in the morning
i am looking for cute things giles does
things i want to remember he once thought were all kinds of fun!
this picture is of giles in front of his new floor puzzle
he and daddy put it together last night...
he brought me a piece (i was working in dining room)
and said, 'look, mama, a cow!'
so funny he is....(not that that is actually hilarious or anything...
just that he thought about me enough to want to get up
and share his findings with me- and with enthusiasm!)
he was given that puzzle by the heards for christmas
they always think of fun things for us
last year they gave a really cool map of alabama
this year an ornament from south america
(and one from down the road at Babcock--- they 'get' me-lol)
so you might can tell, we like the house a little chilly
that's how we roll
and don't let mikey fool....he's not awake....
he got out of bed
...and stumbled to the couch
but who wouldn't if you get to snuggle w buggle here
so, that's dad and bug (as snug as if in a rug-right?-lol)
AND important fashion flash
giles is appropriately sporting his first
of several football themed outfits for the day
and all that, as stated above...
with a twist...
or a turn...
just depends on how you roll...
so is the blurry pic and the expression on giles face
indicative of anything???
feet maybe?
nah. that's my feet that stink. HAHAHAHA
(sister, you thought that was funny, didn't you???-
you are reading this, right? you did just squinch up your
nose and think, or even say?, 'gross')
hope you all have a
Merry National Championship
hugely disappointing, Blizzard of 2010
all our love from the cold and snowless city of t-town
ps...while building getting wood to build a fire,
mike found a dead (Thank you God) black widow spider...
she was LARGE (and probably, at one time, in CHARGE!)

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