Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 5 & 6

so...routine with daily posting hasn't totally kicked in yet
so, another combined post it is!
tuesday, january 5
up & at 'em...dressed for walking!
and this pose is giles imitating when we sit on the sofa & prop our feet!
he makes it not look quite too comfy...
giles spent the day at mimi/papa's--- that's just how he says it
it's a perfectly blended combination of both mimi ann & grandpa
and he's one excited boy when he goes in their door!!!
wednesday, january 6
giles is george-feeder extraordinaire!
he's so careful when transporting...

and executing the pouring...precision!

giles has been playing up a storm!
he plays with his remote CAT truck and cars a lot these days
he also loves to use his keys to "open" doors...which is fine,
unless we were to accidentally leave the front door unlocked!
it strikes panic in my heart regularly...
i am a little obsessive about locking doors around here
i have my bbtn children's clothing trunk this week and next...
giles has already had a great time with a little extra bonding with daddy
last night they headed out about sam's, academy...
dad & son kind of outing...he came in WAY past his bedtime
and he was one happy little peach
i think he thoroughly enjoyed his time with daddy!

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