Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan 4

Good Morning!
here is Giles sitting in his spot...
he eats his 'nack cup here
'nack cup in the morning is frosted shredded wheat cereal,
cracklin' oat bran cereal and a few mini marshmallows
he's sporting his Party in My Crib 3:00 am bib-
anna claire who painted baskets for me gave it to him
this morning we played a game of peekaboo
giles was hiding his head under my shirt-tail
saying, "where is me???" and when I would say
"oh, I wonder where giles is???"
he would miraculously appear and say,
"here is me!!!" oh what fun!
we sat on the couch, at giles' request ("sit here mommy"),
and read stories...
Let's Be Kind
Elmo Loves You
My Daddy & I
just to name a few...
it was giles' turn A LOT, so not too much reading was done

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Helen Anne said...

Cute and sweet! Happy Blogging!