Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan 29 & 30

we had some hard decisions to make the past couple of days
should we shoot some rapids in cousin nix's kayak???
bundle up in dimeglio family's snow gear and toss around some icicles???
or, just hang with didiFrank and run some trains?

it is a tough life... but i do believe we've settled into it just fine.
giles has enjoyed
...the memphis snow
...piano playing with mimiJanie
...strummin' the gee-tar with cousin james,
belting out tunes like old mcdonald and the wheels on the bus
...being carried while traversing the ice, not a fan of slip slidin'
...rock rock and bot bot with didiFrank
...and lots of hugs and kisses from nina and stee-pen
(hi aj & chandlor!!! y'all have fun tonight, and don't stay up too late!!!) 

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