Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 27 circus time! & Jan 28 no picture- gasp!!!

good morning! i love me some footies....
and in this picture,
it looks like my 10 year old 2 1/2 year old does too!
i think he was smiling because he had a special treat to look forward to!
we were, so thankfully, the recipients of free tickets to
Barnum & Bailey's
i had no idea what we were in for,
but i figured it would be good---
and a little better than it was 'back in the day'
and to add some extra sweetness to the deal
we treated our little to a dinner date before
mmm, mmm, good.
california pizza kitchen
original chopped bbq salad for mom & dad
chicken tenders, broccoli and for the first time evah---
chocolate milk
very first sip
it was well received
unfortunately, i don't think it will be a sufficient bribe to replace the bottle
secretly, i was hoping for a love affair
this was giles' very first encounter with a clown
it went off without a hitch...
i would like to say that it didn't surprise me,
but honestly, i was a little worried...
being on the floor of the circus (before showtime)---
well, there are all kinds...
i was a little nervous.
circus people do that to me.
i just don't get that lifestyle--- at all.
these stick dudes were tall
and skinny
and totally comfortable in their mile long trousers
they manuevered the crowd with ease
they were super friendly...
they thought it was funny to walk OVER people....
as in peep is between their leggy sticks
am GLAD to have avoided that
i might have had a panic attack
and forever changed the way giles views the circus
glad to have not done that...
and kelly anne.
i really fell for her.
she was talented.
and giles really loved 'eh-eh-funts'
and so do we.
thank you mary jane!
---oh, and today... no picture... travel days do that to me...

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~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

We wen to the circus and had a blast too :)