Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14

to be short and sweet...
so i can go to bed!
giles enjoyed a 'special treat' today
lunch and park with his friend
and across the street neighbor
here they are at bowers park

and why-o-why can't i get this next picture centered
a litte dad & son time
nevermind... i got it centered...

and this concludes the day...
bot-bart with mama
a part of the day that makes it alllll worth it
to tell giles how much he means to me
that i love him sooooo much
and there is no one as special to me as he is...
that is fun
and that is why i am reassured by the fact
no first graders tote their bottles to school...
so, until we get a little closer to first grade,
it will be soooooo hard for me to give up the bottles
um, not me, i meant giles.

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