Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 31

we're leaving this month clean as a whistle!
and with a new 'do too
(but it is only temporary...)
our journey back from memphis was uneventful
we enjoyed noticing where the ice 'event'
ended along the highway....  a little ways into MS
the trees we saw along the highway
for the first part of the trip
giles slept most of the way...
that is always nice!!!
welcome february....
were gorgeous!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan 29 & 30

we had some hard decisions to make the past couple of days
should we shoot some rapids in cousin nix's kayak???
bundle up in dimeglio family's snow gear and toss around some icicles???
or, just hang with didiFrank and run some trains?

it is a tough life... but i do believe we've settled into it just fine.
giles has enjoyed
...the memphis snow
...piano playing with mimiJanie
...strummin' the gee-tar with cousin james,
belting out tunes like old mcdonald and the wheels on the bus
...being carried while traversing the ice, not a fan of slip slidin'
...rock rock and bot bot with didiFrank
...and lots of hugs and kisses from nina and stee-pen
(hi aj & chandlor!!! y'all have fun tonight, and don't stay up too late!!!) 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 27 circus time! & Jan 28 no picture- gasp!!!

good morning! i love me some footies....
and in this picture,
it looks like my 10 year old 2 1/2 year old does too!
i think he was smiling because he had a special treat to look forward to!
we were, so thankfully, the recipients of free tickets to
Barnum & Bailey's
i had no idea what we were in for,
but i figured it would be good---
and a little better than it was 'back in the day'
and to add some extra sweetness to the deal
we treated our little to a dinner date before
mmm, mmm, good.
california pizza kitchen
original chopped bbq salad for mom & dad
chicken tenders, broccoli and for the first time evah---
chocolate milk
very first sip
it was well received
unfortunately, i don't think it will be a sufficient bribe to replace the bottle
secretly, i was hoping for a love affair
this was giles' very first encounter with a clown
it went off without a hitch...
i would like to say that it didn't surprise me,
but honestly, i was a little worried...
being on the floor of the circus (before showtime)---
well, there are all kinds...
i was a little nervous.
circus people do that to me.
i just don't get that lifestyle--- at all.
these stick dudes were tall
and skinny
and totally comfortable in their mile long trousers
they manuevered the crowd with ease
they were super friendly...
they thought it was funny to walk OVER people....
as in peep is between their leggy sticks
am GLAD to have avoided that
i might have had a panic attack
and forever changed the way giles views the circus
glad to have not done that...
and kelly anne.
i really fell for her.
she was talented.
and giles really loved 'eh-eh-funts'
and so do we.
thank you mary jane!
---oh, and today... no picture... travel days do that to me...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 25 & 26


looooove that train!!!

i think i am going to have to find new sheets
 i loved this pattern so much i bought two fitted sheets
so it looks like we never change our sheets...

plays the gee-tar
happy birthday to any and everyone
but, actually, here...
i think he was doing a little jam band rockin'
- daddy was gearing up for some father/son bonding
---mama had bunko!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan 24

to grandmother's house we go!
giles 'slickered up' and was ready to go
he spent the day at his mimipapa's
and that gave us time to get some cleaning done
much needed. much appreciated.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan 23 tee tee!

i think only a man would think this is funny...
at least that is how it went in our house today
mikey and giles were discussing the use of the potty
-i think mike knows it is on my mind,
so in typical mike fashion,
he's going to step forward and help me and giles
apparently the addition of the newspaper was only for my sake
or the sake of calling me to 'come see'---
of course knowing what they were up to,
i thought 'come see' would mean actually 'seeing SOMETHING'
not hubs trying ("trying") to be funny
so the annoyance, and slight disappointment might have looked like...
me, storming off in a huff...
i mean, i am a busy woman! right?
but, in the midst of my business,
i ended up missing giles tee tee in the potty for the very first time!!!
God has some interesting ways of doling out humility...
but, regardless of how and with whom...
gilesy reached a milestone 2 1/2 years in the making
so---maybe we'll be potty-trained and bottle free one day afterall!
gilesy, it is a big deal to tee tee in the potty
and you were very happy with yourself
and though i know you won't soon forget,
from the shower mommy sang a song to you
about you tee-teed in the potty and i am so proud of you!!!
you liked my song and you were grinning from ear to ear!!!
love you baby giles...and i am so proud of you!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 21 & 22 whoopsy!

i took a picture yesterday
but didn't blog 'bout it...
so here it is...
daddy swining gilesy

and today

silliness before school...
hard to believe this smiling face had an 'off' day
as in
was in time out when daddy picked him up from school
and it wasn't his first visit of the day either
i got a little glimpse of it this afternoon, myself!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 20

morning bot bart time...

helping mom clean up after bot bart- sweet boy!

woke up from nap and wanted "mama's bed"
-and let me clarify-
he woke up SCREAMING crying from his nap
sorta sniffly
MUCH better now,
as you can see....

...because right after dinner,
it was time to play grocery store with daddy...
learning colors, fruits, veggies
already HAS learned
cheese crackers
chicken soup
loving starches already
right now it's bath time and that also means barber shop time
poor gilesy
daddy likes to trim on his hair
poor gilesy's been a looooooong day---
beautiful weather
nice rain shower in the later afternoon

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan 19

'papa came over to play with giles
while mike & i headed to ultreya at church
they had a ball!
dinner was eaten,
stories were read,
toys were strewn...
a good time was had by all!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 18

nap time is bliss...
especially in his blessed be the name ensemble...
giles comes 'to' from a nap really quickly
he jumps right up
and grabs
billy (the goat).
lala (the lion).
ready to go in an instant!
a few weeks ago we made the grave mistake
of leaving behind our favorite
raffe (giraffe).
at mimifranks...
we slid in a new blankie
a new lovie
and another new lovie
and we were good to go!
i hope he's always this easy going!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 17

giles had some imaginary ear plugs today.
but funny, they worked like REAL ones...
he spent a chunk of today reflecting...
in his chair,
in the hall,
otherwise known as

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 16

barber shop shower....
that's how we clean 'round here

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15

eatin' a little grits n' eggs (w bacon bits n' cheese)
'scuz the cruddy nose
it's just that time
runny nose 'n stuff
he's such a trooper
he did a bit of a face plant off of a slide yesterday
so, to have a runny nose that mommy constantly wants to wipe
that has a few scratches on it...
poor fella

so, to feel sorry for georgie?
or not....
giles requested to 'go outside with my georgie'
and so off they went
and this is what he came and got me to help him with....
georgie was thrilled with me...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14

to be short and sweet...
so i can go to bed!
giles enjoyed a 'special treat' today
lunch and park with his friend
and across the street neighbor
here they are at bowers park

and why-o-why can't i get this next picture centered
a litte dad & son time
nevermind... i got it centered...

and this concludes the day...
bot-bart with mama
a part of the day that makes it alllll worth it
to tell giles how much he means to me
that i love him sooooo much
and there is no one as special to me as he is...
that is fun
and that is why i am reassured by the fact
no first graders tote their bottles to school...
so, until we get a little closer to first grade,
it will be soooooo hard for me to give up the bottles
um, not me, i meant giles.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13

 i learned yesterday...or technically, the day before...
don't wait.
just take a picture.
more later? sure, that's fine
forget completely? happens WAY too easily if you wait til later in the day
so...this is right before leaving for school
the big wet spot on his shirt
comes from giles playing with his bottle and shaking the last drops out
onto his shirt
onto my comforter
even though, we've established this is not appropriate behavior
what's with these  2 1/2 year olds
and the ability to remember exactly what you said NOT to do???
anyway...he's kinda cute in his madras, right?
i am glad i found them in the back of his closet before he outgrew them!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 12 ... lame-o

blessed be the name shows are this week
LOTS of help from others
and booooy do i appreciate it!!!
grandpa played with giles yesterday
they ate popcorn and sang the ABC song
sadly the day passed without a single picture
tonight i came home to a clean kid with lunch and snack made
teeth brushin in progress
i got home in time for prayers
o angel of God and my guardian dear
to whom God's love commits me here
ever this day be at my side
to light, to guard, to rule & to guide
and to that we asked God to please keep our family healthy
we pray for grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins
teachers, friends and pets
and especially those who are cold and lonely
and those who have lots loved ones
in Your name we pray
night, night to all

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 10

short & sweet...
busy day...
late paper delivery (issues at newspaper...) =some play time w the boy
sooo, we played blocks....
then a mom trip to walmart...
then walk in the neighborhood...
then bbtn show @ carolyn's...
...came home to a fire in the fireplace, ahhh...
it was a GOOD day!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 8 & 9

this is what a sick day looks like around here
(that is one sick kid, on one fast plasma car, eating one cold pedilyte pop)
yesterday i took giles to school while mike went to birmingham
the day starts with mike calling as he's heading to bham
'do you see my coffee sitting there?'
i look
man, that is about 20 degress outside
and i made sure he had a diet mtn dew- which he did not forget...
then he asks
'where's the gps?'
i reply
'in my purse- right here'
so where does the day go from there?
i forgot to work on my project during the game last nite
(the game where we became NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2010!!!! YAY!)
which was labels for BBTN catalogs for my shows which start sunday
so naturally i forgot to take them to school with giles
so i get to come home and quickly teach myself how to make labels
and label each catalog
back to school i go to drop them off
i come home starving and decide a bowl of chili would be fabulous
the phone rings and the school is calling
i head BACK to school for the third and final time of the day
to pick up my sick kid who's got stinky diarrhea
BUT.... good news - in less than 24 hrs, no trace of any bugs!
which brings us to this morning....saturday, jan 9
mmmmm..... yummy breakfast of eggs, banana and toast
bein' a little silly about it....

have a wonderful day
stay warm
snuggle with a buggle if ya can

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7

cheating a little here with this first picture...
it was actually from yesterday.
in this new venture to blog daily about my little
i am finding myself very aware in the morning
i am looking for cute things giles does
things i want to remember he once thought were all kinds of fun!
this picture is of giles in front of his new floor puzzle
he and daddy put it together last night...
he brought me a piece (i was working in dining room)
and said, 'look, mama, a cow!'
so funny he is....(not that that is actually hilarious or anything...
just that he thought about me enough to want to get up
and share his findings with me- and with enthusiasm!)
he was given that puzzle by the heards for christmas
they always think of fun things for us
last year they gave a really cool map of alabama
this year an ornament from south america
(and one from down the road at Babcock--- they 'get' me-lol)
so you might can tell, we like the house a little chilly
that's how we roll
and don't let mikey fool....he's not awake....
he got out of bed
...and stumbled to the couch
but who wouldn't if you get to snuggle w buggle here
so, that's dad and bug (as snug as if in a rug-right?-lol)
AND important fashion flash
giles is appropriately sporting his first
of several football themed outfits for the day
and all that, as stated above...
with a twist...
or a turn...
just depends on how you roll...
so is the blurry pic and the expression on giles face
indicative of anything???
feet maybe?
nah. that's my feet that stink. HAHAHAHA
(sister, you thought that was funny, didn't you???-
you are reading this, right? you did just squinch up your
nose and think, or even say?, 'gross')
hope you all have a
Merry National Championship
hugely disappointing, Blizzard of 2010
all our love from the cold and snowless city of t-town
ps...while building getting wood to build a fire,
mike found a dead (Thank you God) black widow spider...
she was LARGE (and probably, at one time, in CHARGE!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 5 & 6

so...routine with daily posting hasn't totally kicked in yet
so, another combined post it is!
tuesday, january 5
up & at 'em...dressed for walking!
and this pose is giles imitating when we sit on the sofa & prop our feet!
he makes it not look quite too comfy...
giles spent the day at mimi/papa's--- that's just how he says it
it's a perfectly blended combination of both mimi ann & grandpa
and he's one excited boy when he goes in their door!!!
wednesday, january 6
giles is george-feeder extraordinaire!
he's so careful when transporting...

and executing the pouring...precision!

giles has been playing up a storm!
he plays with his remote CAT truck and cars a lot these days
he also loves to use his keys to "open" doors...which is fine,
unless we were to accidentally leave the front door unlocked!
it strikes panic in my heart regularly...
i am a little obsessive about locking doors around here
i have my bbtn children's clothing trunk this week and next...
giles has already had a great time with a little extra bonding with daddy
last night they headed out about sam's, academy...
dad & son kind of outing...he came in WAY past his bedtime
and he was one happy little peach
i think he thoroughly enjoyed his time with daddy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan 4

Good Morning!
here is Giles sitting in his spot...
he eats his 'nack cup here
'nack cup in the morning is frosted shredded wheat cereal,
cracklin' oat bran cereal and a few mini marshmallows
he's sporting his Party in My Crib 3:00 am bib-
anna claire who painted baskets for me gave it to him
this morning we played a game of peekaboo
giles was hiding his head under my shirt-tail
saying, "where is me???" and when I would say
"oh, I wonder where giles is???"
he would miraculously appear and say,
"here is me!!!" oh what fun!
we sat on the couch, at giles' request ("sit here mommy"),
and read stories...
Let's Be Kind
Elmo Loves You
My Daddy & I
just to name a few...
it was giles' turn A LOT, so not too much reading was done

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan 1-3

Happy New Year,
welcome 2010!!!

And welcome to Giles' blog!
The idea of this blog is to catch
a snippet of life with Giles on a daily basis.
Please check in often,
so then, if I think about not updating...GUILT!
Here goes! The life of my most favorite first born...
the one who can make me smile, cry, rejoice,
praise God, want to pull my hair out,
and happier than I ever thought possible....

diligently working a United States puzzle...
that Mimi Ann had- for herself! lol...
playing with a magnetic play full fleece walking gear...
patiently waiting on mom & dad to
get all the gear together that it takes for the fam to have an outing...

sportin' some hand-me-down-boots from cousin James...
he loves his boots!